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February 20, 2012

Notella- What I lovingly call my version of Chocolate Covered Katie‘s homemade Nutella. I’m not a huge fan of the overall feel of her blog, but she’s got great recipes. I’ll post about her healthy Cookie Dough Dip the next time I make it.

You can check out her recipe for homemade Nutella here, although I made a few changes. I suggest using maple syrup in place of all of the sugar/agave/stevia and coconut oil as the oil. Also, hazelnut skins are notoriously hard to remove, and in general, the toasting method doesn’t work very well. Try this from theKitchn. I managed to burn the nuts and still have a lot of skins left on, and added a lot of extra cocoa powder and maple syrup to try and mask the burnt taste. It still turned out delicious, and I love this alternative to the store bought version, which is basically pure sugar and palm oil.

I’ve made ice cream before using 1 part Nutella to 1 part coconut milk and freezing it in my hand-cranked ice cream maker. Haven’t tried it with this yet (the homemade version isn’t as smooth as store bought) but it will have to be done next time around.

The best way to enjoy Notella? Spread some on toast with some peanut butter, apples, and cinnamon. Or just spoon it straight out of the jar.

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