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Green Overnight Oats

April 11, 2012

There are a bunch of great recipes out there for overnight oats. I started making these Carob Banana Chia Vegan Overnight Oats from Oh She Glows last summer. They’re perfect when you might not want hot oatmeal, and you can make them the night before and have breakfast ready to go in the morning. At some point I started to think, why not use a green juice to soak the oats? Here’s my recipe inspired by the carob oats but done with a green twist.

1/3 cup rolled oats
2 Tbsp. chia seeds
2 Tbsp. nuts (sliced almonds, walnuts….)
Pinch of salt

1 cup almond milk (or cow’s, goat’s, hemp, coconut milk…)
1 cup greens (lettuce, spinach, kale…)
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
1 banana

Maple syrup to garnish

Mix together the dry ingredients in a small bowl. Blend together the banana, milk, vanilla, and greens. Add the green “smoothie” to the dry mix and stir until all the lumps are gone. Let sit for at least an hour, or overnight, in the fridge. In the morning top with fruit and drizzle with maple syrup!

Then think about everything you can add to it- Want to boost some healthiness? How about adding protein powder or maca to the blended part? Add carob or cocoa powder. Throw in some peanut butter. Once it’s soaked in the morning you can add fruit, granola for some crunch, coconut…

I’ve done this with cooked oats as well with great results! Just cook your rolled oats in the green blend instead of water or milk.

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