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Fiona Apple – Pure Imagination

September 14, 2013


Chipotle has launched a genius marketing campaign to promote their sustainable food choices and set themselves apart from other fast food. First, they released a cute little video emphasizing the importance of developing a sustainable food system. Now, they’re promoting a new app of a scarecrow on a quest for sustainable food.

Mostly, I’m posting this because I love Fiona Apple’s haunting cover of Pure Imagination from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And it’s a pretty great animation.

Chipotle is an interesting company. They are voluntarily labeling the GMO products they use, and working to eliminate them from the menu. Chiptole manages to greenwash and “healthwash” (as Meghan Telpner would say) at the same time. It’s also interesting that Fiona Apple is vegan and the video seems to condemn all meat eating, while most of Chipotle’s offerings include meat. Good for them for promoting sustainable meat production, but at that scale just because it’s healthier, doesn’t mean it’s healthy– for you or the planet.

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