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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Restaurant Recommendations:

Bio (Palermo, vegetarian)- Great organic veggie place in Palermo.

Buenos Aires Verde (Palermo, vegetarian, vegan, raw)- Best veggie meal ever here. Good bread and veggie spread to start, absolutely delicious vegetable croquettes with greens and chapatti bread with apple chutney and carrot “mayo”. Also had a liquado of almond milk, blueberries, and spirulina.

Café San Juan (San Telmo, Porteña)- One of the best meals I’ve had in Argentina. Menu’s are written on big chalkboards that the waiters bring out. A little pricey by peso standards, but still totally reasonable.

Caseros (San Telmo, Porteña)- Delicious food in a fresh, bright atmosphere. I had a salad with peanuts and orange slices topped with tons of marinated shrimp and salmon in a yummy dressing.

El Cuartito (Recoleta, pizza)- I’m not a huge fan of the thick-crust Argentine pizza, but this old-fashion place has the best fugazza in the city.

El Federal (San Telmo, bar notable)- Old place that oozes character and has a HUGE menu. Good place just for coffee or drinks though, too. Yummy french fries.

El Gauchito (San Telmo, pizza and empanadas)- Best empanadas in the city. Try the humita (corn), cebolla y queso (onion and cheese), or Roquefort.

El Hippopotamo (San Telmo, traditional)- Love this place for it’s name, hippopotamus statue, old art-nouveau mirror, and the cheapest café con leches I’ve found anywhere.

El Obrero (La Boca, parilla)- Located in a slightly sketchy part of La Boca, it’s definitely worth the cab ride. Lots of locals. It’s cheap and a good place to go with a bunch of people so you can get just a taste of all the organ meats.

La Cabrera (Palermo, parilla)- Yes, it’s really touristy. Yes, it may be overrated. But it really is the best steak I’ve ever had in my life. The half portion is enough for two people. Get the lomo which comes with lots of little dishes of sides- everything from apple sauce and mashed sweet potatoes to sundried tomatoes and mixed veggies.

La Poesia (San Telmo, bar notable)- Very similar to El Federal, but has a good salad with greens, chicken, sundried tomatoes, olives, and parmesean cheese.

L’epi (Chacarita/Recoleta, French bakery)- I accidentally wandered past their second location in Recoleta. I’ve heard the bread is the best in the city, and you definitely have to try the almond croissants.

Mark’s Deli (Palermo, American-style café/deli)- They have great sandwiches and a decent iced coffee which is almost impossible to find here.

Matilda’s (San Telmo, American-style café)- They have bagels! And other yummy sandwiches and soups and muffinsand things.

Naturaleza Sabia (San Telmo, vegetarian)- Of course this place opens up right as I’m leaving the city… but I had one great lunch here, and it’s pretty cheap.

Origen (San Telmo, cafe)- This is my favorite café right down the street from my apartment. Really good café con leches. They also have yummy sandwiches and whole wheat pizzas. I’ve spent lots of time here doing work on my laptop. Good medialunas too.

Oui Oui (Palermo)- So good they opened a second one down the street. I hear it’s good for brunch, but I had a salad with spinach, cheese, and avocado, topped with a poached egg on toast.

Pan y Arte (Boedo)- A cute place that also shows art and has music some nights. I had a delicious sandwich on squash bread with eggplant, lettuce, tabouli, and a creamy cheese sauce. Yum.

Pasaje del Libro (Palermo, café)- Adorable little bookstore with a café inside.

Pride Café (San Telmo, cafe)- Nice big mugs of coffee at this gay-friendly café. I hear the food’s good too but I can’t vouch for it myself.

Pura Vida (Microcentro/Recoleta, organic, juice bar)- Lots of good juices, liquados, salads and sandwiches.

Sarkis (Palermo, Middle Eastern)- Best middle eastern in the city, even though they were out of hummus when I was there they had good baba ganoush, good lamb, good moussaka, kinda dry falafel, and the best pita bread I’ve ever had.

Tea Connection (Puerto Madero/Palermo, modern café)- Yummy salads and sandwiches. Delicious liquados too- get the kiwi and mint made with orange juice.

Un Mundo Aceitado (Villa Crespo, olive oil, take-away)- Sells olive oil and yummy things made with olive oil. Delicious bruschetta and tortas.

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